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Environmental concern is a part of many of today’s projects. Whether it is just a part of a project or the whole, Facemyer Company performs storm water management and native habitat restoration work for public agencies and private entities.  Facemyer Company understands the benefit of this work, has the correct sources of supply, equipment, means and methods to be successful in this unique type of work.


Facemyer Company offers a full range of site work services.  We have trackhoes, dozers, loaders, scrapers, off road trucks and a staff of qualified and experienced operators.  

Building pads for new construction and warehouse expansions, parking lots, bike paths, and ponds of all sizes are common earthwork projects.  Other dirt moving projects include wetland construction and street subgrade preparation.  Scrapers or trucks, import, export or balanced, our mission is to determine the most cost effective method to get the dirt where it goes.  We utilize in-house site topo collection with GPS system and CAD modeling of the project, which allow us to help you with design build and value engineering.

Most of our excavation projects are a combination of earth moving and utility installation.  Underground utility installations can be unpredictable and dangerous.  Our crews are trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in how to safely get your job done right.

We are licensed and respected installers of storm, sanitary, water, and fire lines.  Underground storm water detention systems, water quality units, force mains, lift stations, meter pits, and hot boxes are all parts of today’s projects that we work with regularly.


Some people think maintenance and mowing when they think of landscaping. Facemyer Company thinks TRANSFORMATION!

Bare dirt to grass. Backyard to outdoor living space.  Construction site to complete.  Hillside to usable space.  Farm field to city park.  Roof top to garden.

We offer custom design services and a wide palate of resources and styles to create a unique landscape that is perfectly suited for you.  See how the perfect combination of planting, hardscape, and seeding can transform your space!